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performance drawing : experimenting 01

After reading the first material, I wanted to try what it would feel doing what I have been having in my mind for a while. When everyone left the studio, I grabbed a large piece of cardboard, propped it against a whiteboard, set the video recording, locked the room, got the music ready.

The music I have been drawing to is Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D major, the famous piece. My mother’s favourite. Here following is a version with Itzhak Perlman as soloist:

I drew to the first 20 minutes /ish.

I noticed then that the recording did not work (!) so I added another 8 minutes of a new recording on the previous drawing. And here is my version:

Evaluation & Considerations:

  1. I felt very comfortable in drawing. I was aware no one was actually looking at me, BUT at the same time I knew that ANYONE could have come into the room or looked at me from the corridor.

  2. I was lost into another world: drawing became conducting the orchestra, dancing without knowing how to. I felt I was living the music.

  3. I need a larger piece of paper, a proper roll, and more drawing tools, including ink and ink mixed with sand!

  4. I am not actually interested in the people watching: when I was drawing, I felt like in that 1948 movie “The Red Shoes” with Moira Shearer dancing wearing the demonic shoes.

  5. It was exhilarating, emotionally compelling, tempting that fine line between sanity and madness: it felt great!

  6. I stunk, after: I didn’t realise how much I was sweating!

  7. I’m thinking – and I’m only jotting down ideas now to elaborate later:

  8. patterns : repetitive, boring, various, enough?

  9. more performance or more drawing?

  10. what would the reaction of the people be when they see me AND listen to the piece of music?

  11. shamanic act? ritual? powerful? affirmative?

  12. what if I start crying?

  13. manifestation of the body?

  14. what am I actually creating?!

  15. summoning of old spirits?!?!???!?

  16. role of the body?!

  17. role of the music?!

  18. again: it is FLOWING – music like a rolling river! FLUIDITY

  19. what’s the role of the spectators?

  20. live music?!

  21. what does my practice focus on?!

  22. self-enquiry? revelation?

  23. who is in control: me, drawing, music, spectators?

  24. importance of the scraping of the pencil on paper!

  25. revealing the personal!

  26. improvisation + limitations + rules + emotional energy

  27. ETHICAL issues to consider?!

As per the final piece of work… it is actually quite a good piece: busy, intense, but balanced. A good piece. I like it and the tutor JC she liked it too. So, overall, a very good first experiment!

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