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P03 : my mother’s peace

Another idea I had re. the concept of peace was to do something which connected to what peace meant to me, personally. I was thinking about “I come in peace” and how my relationships were (!) but then my mother came into my head, and this drawing felt it had to be drawn: my mother’s peace.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t at peace; but her detailed story and what it all meant for us as a family has no place in this blog. This is why I want to also show you a picture of her on a very good day. Please, meet Flavia, my mother.

But, especially in her later years before she passed away, she was extremely sad, existentially melancholic, and thought that Life, as in Real Life and Happiness and Fortune, were to be found away, outside, somewhere else, not in her house, her town and definitely not in herself. She became bitter and very lonely. Depressed and tired.

Her life was spent watching TV, romantic movies, dreaming of what could have been, of the good old days, hoping that anyone would come and help her, rescue her, make her happy.

This is why, I decided to portray My Mother’s Peace in bright child-like colours, while drowning into the darkness of her living room.


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