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P02 : peace ‘n’ beads

One idea I had for the peace project was to create a mala, or juju-beads, a Buddhist praying rosary, comprising 180 handmade beads in paper.

Part of the plan was to draw my beliefs, my story, my past and present, what influenced me, what made me into who and what I am today. This following is a sketch I did in my journal and then a reproduction on an A1 sheet of paper. This has not been finished nor progressed since, as you’ll be able to read in the following posts, I have pointed in another direction.


As you can see, the influences have been multiple: Greek and classic in general, but also the eastern Buddhist / Zen influxes; the balances between the two and the astrological and elemental symbolism, coupled with Tarot, Celestine Prophecy books, New Age, correlations and structures, roots and branches. I would have also wanted to add more elements, part of my life-line studies from an existential perspective… basically, I wanted to put all in it, then cut it into 180 thin slips of paper, roll them into beads, glaze them and mount them into a mala, and use it when I am doing my meditation and chanting / praying.

I haven’t discarded the whole experiment. I still think it would be important for me to do it, more from an emotional and therapeutic perspective, though, than a pure artist one.

Let’s see! … and Namaste

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