P01 : poppies ‘n’ peace

When we were asked to work on the Make Art Not War project, we were also in London. Part of our experience included a visit to the Imperial War Museum.

I did not go.

I personally chose to go to the British Museum. I want to be very clear on here, and with no disrespect, but I am not British + I don’t abide by this poppy-wearing-mania + some members of my family fought on the other side of the barricade + I find this form of reminiscing on the good old times of Imperial England very dangerous (and mostly pointless and ridiculous) + I would rather wear daisies: daisies all the times because as Meg Ryan said in You got Mail:

don’t you think that daisies are the friendliest flowers?

When I joined my colleagues at the Museum, I instead visited the Buddhist Garden in its grounds (I am, also, a Buddhist chaplain myself, hence…) and this is my take on the day, the poppies, and peace.

Namasté ♥

My daisies are the friendliest flowers

The XIV Dalai Lama Of Tibet  – 13 may 1999

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