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order : a sketchbook

After the tutorial with JH I went to Manchester and bought myself a new sketchbook, dedicated to making sense of things. I have worked over the weekend, watching videos, tutorial and documentaries on YouTube and other sites online.

These are the first images of the type of work I am making, while making sense of what is going on. This type of work reminds of my first posts last year, in the other college blog, in which I was already saying that art, to me, was making sense of things, creating order out of chaos.

These pictures refer to the first part of the sketchbook, where there is more study and exploring mark-making and theory. The following pictures refer more to ideas jotted down and brainstorming and testing of colour.

Now, it’s only to see where this approach is taking me and what kind of art / pieces are coming out of all this. Some of the quotes are taken from the book I wrote this for you by Iain Thomas.

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