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I had a bit of a funk the past days re. all the confusion I feel.

I have decided that part of my creative process now is to make sense of this chaos, to create order. Write what you know equates to create about what you know. I know confusion.

Hence, in the past couple of days, I have created a new journal where I’ll be working on this topic: make sense, jot down what you know, create order. Also, I have been given this space, which I will call The Gallery even if it’s only a corridor. I will plan, imagine, think, devise, work with volume and space, find references on curating, etc with regards to this space where I will then exhibit what I am working on now.

This is the space when I went to see it earlier today with my colleague Aimee and she assisted me in taking all measurements. I have then started reproducing a map of the location in my journal.

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