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my mark /02

And then 2019 came…

The year of CONSERVATION and deciding that yes! I want to be doing just this: being an artist full time, create, make stuff, do things.

More marks: even when doing CONSERVATION, or the designing of the flyer, the PP presentation… my hand is very clear there:

Again, in any shape and form even mr+mrs dull are definitely me:

And, of course, what you would see in my journal and general scribbling:

I think that there is a lot to be said regarding my hand when scribbling and drawing psychotherapeutic concepts, very dear to me:

And finally: my “underpaintings”, which are so dear to me!

All of the above leads me now to this:

Before asking myself: “What next?!” I would like to take some time and analyse the process, the journey which took me here, to find my strong points, connections and congruence, and a dollop of internal validation instead of expecting external appreciation.

more to come…

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