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mr+mrs dull – RWA

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I have decided to take a risk, and have applied to take my mr+mrs dull to the RWA in Bristol. Which meant making them! I have enjoyed the process SO MUCH! I went to the Making Rooms in Blackburn to have them cut first in acrylic and then in wood: here are some pictures:

The ones in wood took more time to be filed and prep. I made 1 large couple, 1 medium couple, and 3 small couples. I have then given the large couple (height 120 cm) 2 coats of chalkboard black paint and let them dry properly.

I then added the wording with various pencils / crayons / pens / colours, trying first on a black sheet of paper, then on a plank painted with the same varnish.

Two things occurred to me:

1. I had to decide which was which: is it the male with yada yada yada, or it is the female? and…

2. is it Mr & Mrs Dull, Mr and Mrs Dull, mr… which one is it?!? So, I have decided on mr+mrs dull. And here they are, in their final format, awaiting the response of Unit 2 and RWA!

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