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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Today we worked with different sizes and understanding hence different medium and thickness of marks. Also, for me, was the emotional impact of working on a larger piece of paper: would it make a difference?

So, I chose to work with a magnifier, and I decided I would use one of the drawings I did of glass and see what came out of it once I magnify it. I used acetate to draw it and I found the process somewhat calming.

Then, I noticed that the queue to the magnifier was quite long, so I have decided to simply use A1 sheets and draw the glass myself but using different mediums. Following, you will see pencil, charcoal, pastel version of my glass (which originally fits in on A5 sheet).

I was fairly happy with how I used the pencil (even if I used a bigger one); I had way more expectations from charcoal (I really thought that it would have been love at first sight, and really hoped for it, but nothing happened); then I used pastel. I still cannot understand if I like it, or not. I felt I needed to add that bit of red, and that reddish shadow. The tutor said that I’ve done something ‘sophisticated, there’ (his words)! but I am still not convinced.

He also commented that I need to start working on backgrounds. I don’t know if I want a background; I don’t know if I like backgrounds; I don’t know what to think about backgrounds, nor how to make them!

So, when at home, that evening, I tried again and created this one:


Don’t get me wrong, I could draw for hours lines, little lines, broken lines, thinner lines… but, is this what is meant by background?

I have to add, though, that the freedom of standing in front of an A1 sheet, and the possibility of moving and drawing, and expanding our space and territory while using the whole body in the process, can feel embarrassing at the beginning. Then, once tried, it was absolutely freeing and empowering. I want more of that!

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