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MA&FLX – #05 : W A R N I N G

I am literally tired, exhausted, at times drained by people’s stupidity, in their constant need of comfort and protection, creating a society based on blaming and blackmailing.

To me, the epitome of same are the warning signs I find myself surrounded by: a reminder that some people are not able to think anymore because no one taught them how to. There is no critical thinking anymore. Everything is expected to be served on a silver platter; it has to be precise as you want it and need it and requested it and demand it, and to your standards and expectations. People are reduced to non-thinking zombies on a tantrum. “Well, I didn’t know, did I?” is one of the favourite sentences.

I don’t know.

Know for me.

Do the job, for me.

I can’t.

I am not able.

I don’t know.

You do it.

Why the fuck you did that for?

That’s not what I wanted!

Because you don’t know how I feel…

You don’t know my story…

I have suffered more than anyone else…

My story is sadder than yours…

[r e p e a t   a t   l i b]

One day, tired of the same old shit, I made these warning signs.

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