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MA&FLX – #04 : Mr & Mrs Dull

Of the whole project, the part that gave me the most satisfaction and resonates with me, and it is part of me, and it is me, is this one. Let me introduce you to Mr &Mrs Dull. No first names yet, even though she could easily be a Mable or a Daphne.


They came about from me reading in June 2018 (studying art at that time was not even in the picture!) Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch (here) and scribbling and doodling on the side these two puppets when she mentions “dull sex for dull people”.

They represent everything I believe in, my own way to see the world: at times with arrogance, and condescending, with that innate “superiority” I have learned so well from my Mother (both as the mother and as Mother Land: Italy). With Mr & Mrs Dull I am representing not only a certain typology of people but also the Me who is Judging Them. So, feel free to criticise me, use up bytes and ink if you want to, and yada-yada-yada: we all belong to Dulland, whether in-looking-in, in-looking-out, or out-looking-in.

I have explored creatively with cardboard [leftover Amazon packaging], painted them, covered them in wallpaper, clay, wood, Perspex, anything! I drew them in my Christmas cards, I played with them, laughed with them, and cared for them. I made them small, large, and larger. I would love to have a whole village of Mr & Mrs Dull and their little Dullins.

I am sure that this project is me. This project more than anything else defines who I am, how I think, what I strongly believe in. While creating them, and even now after having to explain to people why I made them and what they represent, I found myself very protective of this expression of my Art up to the point that I am not bothered if anyone likes them or not.

As of now, Mr. & Mrs Dull rule!

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