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MA&FLX – #01 : Theatre Boxes

As a proper pre-Ikeanist and a believer in the power of Fluxus, I wanted to create a re-arrangeable piece of art.

I adapted a cardboard box (which one day I would see as a wooden box, delicate and elegant, of course), open on both sides, and I have slotted in from the top various versions of my drawings of squares and rectangles. In order to do that, I used wooden stirrers (thank you Costa Coffee) which I glued to paper.

I tried with very thin paper, then tracing paper, clear plastic. All worked and none worked. They all worked because I tried, and created, tested and re-done, and made something.

None worked because the effect I wanted to create was not achieved. I wanted to have the effect of some Chinese theatre paper screens; I wanted the whole slots to be seen when backlit.

Still, the idea is valid. I also like the idea of someone buying my box and re-assemble my drawings as they please. And change them, and move them. Even more so if instead of being a rectangle, it would be squared. A cube!

This is an idea I want to pursue when I have more time, in the future.

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