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Packing is done, bath almost ready.

I am wondering how I am feeling re. this adventure ahead of me. I am leaving my house (why don't I call it home?!) for 2 weeks, to go to a place I have never been before, to meet and share a space with 2 people I have never met before, to create work I don't know if I am prepared for.

There is going to be a lot of "am I good enough?"

Will I enjoy the opportunity to the full and use it, at the same time, to create something that is meaningful? I mean: all work is good work, all processing is desirable and can be used, adapted, reinvented in whatever shape or form we want to. But... I do not want to waste this opportunity I am given and regret it when back home and then at university in York.

I think I have all I need, even though I am sure I will think: oh, gosh, I could do with THAT book, or THAT brush, or THAT pencil... will those be only deflections or real needs?!

I am off to a warm, relaxing bath. Mentally and emotionally my journey begins now.

ps: this image is of a card that a dear friend of mine sent to me. Water, wisdom, and the wisdom of the waters!

pps: I am leaving you with a beautiful song about driving...

I shall see you tomorrow!

onwards + upwards.


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