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m·r [05]

I find it mesmerising how I am planning a quiet day, one of those days when I plan of not doing much... just plodding along easily and instead ideas keep rushing in my head and then I move to the studio and I grab some cardboard and paper or card and try to reproduce my ideas from the virtual to the 2D of the journal and then the 3D of the space in front of me.

I normally end up not making what I planned and visualised in my head (so perfect...) because, in reality, it looks a bit shit and tatty and cheap and poor and fake and a long distant cousin to a shabby chic thing only a person with no taste would buy, but then... then... just when I think about all the other things I could do (answer that email, do that extra prayer, wash the pots, go for a walk...) something happens. My mind switches off and I just enjoy the twisting, the bending, the flexing, the glueing, ... and I like what I make, something which I will not be able to reproduce, at all! But that mock, that test, that experiment is just... perfect!.

So, I think that I will keep on making experiments and tests, and simply exhibit them.

I also drove to Barmouth today, on the other side of the bay, and it was nice and intriguing looking at the house I am staying in from "the other side", from another angle. It also helped me to frame what I make, think, and hope for in another setting; seeing that through another lens. I have received a book on Anthropology this morning, and what I had the time to have a look at, very briefly, made so much sense! I am not saying that the degree I am on is wrong for me, but the approach to art-making via the path of anthropological research makes so much more sense to me!

On a private note, that email or message I hope I would receive hasn't actually arrived. A part of me is grateful that someone leaves me doing my own things and respects my own space, but on the other end of the spectrum, I feel a bit lonely. Just a bit.

So, I leave you with the daily...

piece of paper evening #6

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