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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Off we go trying something else: we actually draw / painted / scratched a film, with permanent markers, and then we watched the final project. All in one day.


We were all sitting together along the film, all doing our own bit, and then merging the parts together, finding similitudes in colours or shapes.

I have decided to use the Orphism project ideas (here) and turn that into Morphism, using letters and colours. Of course, I had to remember that 24 frames were just 1 second!

So, you will be able to see what I have done in the shorter version of the movie. This version shows my lettering and writing, bearing in mind that I have slowed the video to 0.25.


The following is the full original video as created by the whole group, shown at the original speed.


film making

SELF•REFL : As much as I enjoyed the day, the process, the making it, the experience of working together, the part that I enjoyed the most has been the planning, the doodling options on my notebook, in measuring, counting, dividing, trying to create a finite product that was appealing; that moment when I get into a full-creative mode and nothing can stop me from going wherever it is that I am going.

I have also learned today that the sentence “that is sick”, that one of my colleagues used to describe my section, has a positive connotation.

Would I do this type of exercise again? Don’t think so. But I still use this process in understanding how I work.

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