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I missed that room so much...

I went back to College, back into plaster room, back to being dirty and covered in all sorts of concoctions. Back to testing, trying, experimenting. Back to having some ideas, "those of mine", doing a quick sketch, having a coffee, pondering while touching things, holding tools.

And then back to saying: sod it, I'll try.

Spotify, empty room, no one around and the pleasure, the physical and emotional satisfaction of playing, testing, doing, making, breaking, and then doing it again.

There is physicality, and sensual pleasure in touching plaster and creating, the act of being God and not knowing what will turn out and if what you make is "nice" or "pretty good" or just perfect only in your imagination. I felt at times a child just having fun, and other a crazy chemist not being sure if what I mixed together was working, or it might have not stuck together, or even emitting toxic fumes and being simply a complete and total disaster.

Surprise surprise: I love what I have created.

Here, for you, some pictures.

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