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FMP update /docs

I have been working on updating the documents regarding the FMP.

I am aware that there is really no need since this year is ending in this v strange way. Having said that, I feel it’s important for me to keep track of the paperwork as an exercise in itself and in preparation of university and to give myself still a sense of regularity and of being in control.

The situation with SFE and the documents is still confusing and frustrating, but it could be worse, too. Hence, I have decided to leave it to the Gods. I am just doing my bit whenever I am asked to do something. In the meantime, I keep on writing and amending my cover.

I have added here as a featured image just a picture of my dog back in Italy, for no real reason…

And I attach here the documents I have been working on, as drafts and updated to 14 MAY.

Project Timeline 14 MAY

evaluation and guidance 14 MAY

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