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FMP : the idea

I have decided what to focus on for my FMP.

It has been a while I have been playing around with the idea of writing my 6th book. Its draft title is “The Bridge to Nowhere”. For the past couple of months and while writing for my other blog on my website I have been also writing parts of the book.

It is like me. It is an internal monologue, it is a stream of consciousness. It taps into my own personal emotional stuff. I think that it is the right time for me to sit and write what I have to say. No, what I want to say.

My FMP will be grounded in this book.

What the final outcome is going to be: I have no idea. It could potentially be the book itself (cover? design? publication? illustration?) but it could be anything and everything. It could be represented by a performance, spoken words, stage design, costume design…

Again: I have no idea! BUT this will allow me to be free and to explore and experiment and let me be lead by my emotions. It will be a sort of self-portraiture translated from words into signs.

Again: I have no idea.

I also hope that you will understand if I do not add an excerpt from the book at this moment in time. I can tell you that the story is about loss and transition and change and evolution and growth.

The writing style stems from my previous writing, but it is definitely influenced by James Joyce, Ezra Pound, and Virginia Woolf.

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