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After the exhibition at the Hepworth Wakefield I bought some acrylic gesso and wanted to create something, I felt inspired to experiment something more, with the conscious frame of mind of creating order, of making sense. Strangely enough, I had an idea in mind but was I able to follow that idea through? Not a chance. It feels like if the moment that I am in front of the paper and I am physically making stuff, touching the medium, scribbling, holding a pen, I cannot for the love of God follow the idea I have in my mind. So, I end up with something made / created / produced which does not appeal to me.

Here is what I have made:

I have used A3 paper, gesso, used stirrers in wood to mark the gesso, and then acrylic colour / markers / ink / pencil to add marks.

The whole idea I had in mind was to use only shades of whites and greys and subtle marks. I am wondering if I will ever be able to create something which is in my mind without going onto a rampage of unruled marking… Don’t get me wrong, these pieces are honourable (why did I choose this word?!) and potentially sellable. I could see them framed and put on my website.

But it is not what I had in mind!

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