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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

During this period of exploration and generic confusion, I have watched two documentaries: one re. Turner and the other one on Constable.

I am very much a Romantic, as much as I am Modernist [hence I totally bypass the Victorian era] and this is why I thought about watching those two documentaries. I tried to watch the movie on Turner, but the first 30 minutes were slow, difficult to follow and the monitor of the laptop is too small for such a viewing. Maybe another time?

These above are the two links of the documentaries. I found extremely interesting how Turner was fascinated by the colour of the Adriatic sea (see E. Spalletti – and I am from the Adriatic!) and how Constable was sketching in oil (!) and he was recording the sky, in a kind of archival way, which resonates so much with me and my desire to make sense out of chaos. Maybe there is a connection, maybe I find a thread which connects all the dots… maybe!

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