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critique : feedback

These are the feedback I have received from the critique – presentation. I would also like to thank everybody who has participated and provided insight to my work and gave me food for thought. Thank you!

  1. inspiriting, passionate

  2. speaking maybe too fast?

  3. yes, I realised I did. Sorry about that!

  4. why small caps?

  5. I always did. Not when I write normally, or academically, but in presentations or when I was doing marketing and coaching, always small caps; I also believe that it looks better using certain fonts

  6. educational, informative, academic

  7. very creative, fantastic, imagination, emotion, talented, very passionate

  8. very informative but not too much is left to the imagination. maybe don’t give as much info?

  9. Yes, that’s an option. At the same time, I prepared this as a presentation of the work and journey

  10. inspiring and vulnerable

  11. love the honesty and confusion

  12. I like how you put it all together

  13. very well presented, confident, and witty; liked the boxes “plotting”

  14. brilliant explanation and research, progress and work. Detailed, very clear path maybe talk too quickly

  15. what made you change from people to more abstract things?

  16. I don’t know… maybe it’s less personal and more universal, maybe I’m moving away from the subject and focusing more on the object, taking away anything that could become redundant and excessive

  17. why is Tracey Emin one of your favourite, how has she inspired you? Your work seems very different. Does your opinion on ignorance and sarcasm link to your peace?

  18. the first time I went to see her “My Bed” I sat and cried for about 47 minutes, just looking at her piece. She resonates with some of my past, and this also gives me the idea of time that is gone, people who are now gone, and maybe a sense of guilt which was there once, and now is no more

  19. as for sarcasm and ignorance, yes. They are very much correlated with my sense of peace (esp inner peace) since my boundaries are constantly being pushed without my permission and I find this very disrespectful and a symptom of bad manners

  20. I like the shapes and what they are supposed to represent

  21. you put a lot of thought and feeling into your work

  22. the corridor is amazing, I love the small stick men and the use of colour in the flowers. Big mood

  23. the map work was very impressive and I liked how you linked it to the circuit boards you studied

  24. at first I did not understand the concept of your artwork, but as you showed us the PowerPoint slides I understood it more

  25. I liked the meaning behind your work

  26. now I have a better understanding of your work after the presentation. Interesting (degree student)

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