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I have accepted to take a risk and on Wed 7 Nov I have stood in front of my class in the lecture theatre and presented my work so far.

I was tense, feeling vulnerable, and I knew I was taking a risk: I was the first one, I have a creative past most people didn’t know about, I have about 30 years of extra experience compared to my fellow students, some clear ideas, a lot of confusion, and I felt very much a fish out of the water.

I have re-run same and recorded the audio of the presentation, created a video with Media Player, so, please: enjoy!

Artists mentioned and referred to are as follows: Banksy • Christopher Wool • Cy Twombly • Gianni Avon • Gino Valle • Giorgio Celiberti • Jon Stewart • Karen la Monte • Luciano Ceschia • Mark Rothko • Naiko Ito • Pat Steir • Peter Gabriel • Stefania Michelli • Stephen Fry • Tony Cragg

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