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connect the nodes!

… another post that mainly Libras would understand, but I feel the need of posting it on here.

Today, 27nov18, I had a tutorial with Jamie Holman, Programme Leader, Tutor, and Artist. It doesn’t matter how confident I feel, I am always in awe and feeling vulnerable around him. I know he knows his stuff. I know I want to learn from him. I know I don’t know if I am worthy enough as an artist, to walk in his shadow.

Still, the tutorial I had will be the scope of another post, at a later date, once I have digested everything. But we discussed coincidences of the timing of our meeting.

He doesn’t know that I had a dream in which one of the tutors (which will remain private) held my hand, pointed at our joined knuckles and told me: Matilde, in art you have to connect the nodes! Connect the Nodes!

And today, I receive this beautiful omen:

LIBRA: Venice, Italy consists of 118 small islands that rise from a shallow lagoon. A network of 443 bridges keeps them all connected. But Venice isn’t the world champion of bridges. The American city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania holds that title, with 446. I nominate these two places to be your inspirational symbols in the coming weeks. It’s time for you build new metaphorical bridges and take good care of your existing metaphorical bridges.

I officially declare today, Wed 27 NOV 2018 Coincidence-Day.

Connect the Nodes, Matilde! Connect the Nodes…

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