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before nothing

I have been working on some new stuff, tweaking ideas and playing with tools and reading a lot and journaling a lot - while going through the university-choosing phase.

As part of my Final Major Project (FMP) at Blackburn College, which I believe you are aware is based on the book I am writing at the moment, I am translating the emotions from a 2D world on paper into a 3D work which evolved into a 4D performative piece. A kind of development of self-portraiture.

I have written a Concept / Research / Proposal to test the material and I am proudly attaching this pdf HERE.

In the document, you will find the rationale of the project, some background, part of the FMP proposal and an extract of the book I am writing which, I hope, will put into context. You will also find links to YouTube videos and webpages you might want to have a look at.

So, if you do have space I could use for free, open to the public, in front of people, for a weekend, my rolls of paper and crayons, and I will catch the train and come wherever you are. Please, feel free to download and share the document. All details needed are there and if you need any more info, please do get in touch!

Thank you & ciao!


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