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beach – liverpool

first trip with college: Crosby beach and then Liverpool.

I went there especially because I wanted to collect some driftwood to use in my experiments at college and of course – just my luck – there was none!

But I found some beautiful mermaid tears – i.e. broken and polished glass – which I have collected, and some other stuff that just caught my attention.

I still don’t know exactly what I am going to use this stuff for, but in the meantime, they are with me. Pete the Tutor says that I am doing it the right way: find material, play with stuff, get a vibe and then create… which I think is the only right way, too!

I also admired the Gormley pieces, which I have seen many times before, so I am not going to write about them on here. Still, here are some pictures:

But, connected to one of the ideas I have for my FMP, I took some pictures of the sand and how it changes form and colour, and almost texture, helped by the sea… this kind of pattern is something that I could explore and amplify and modify and… do something with it. It feels to me that I am collecting “hints” more than anything else. I collect hints and I put them “there”, wherever “there” is. And then one day I might use them, or not, or just revisit and remember.

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