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background : on mesopotamia

Part of the research I did re. my piece now in Victoria Building, stem from my passion for Mesopotamian and Persian art, and Akkadic language which I have studied back in 1995. Following are some of the pictures I have taken from a couple of books in a Library:

The books are:

Parrot, A. (1961). Nineveh and Babylon. London: Thames and Hudson
Parrot, A. (1960). Sumer. London: Thames and Hudson

Then, both last year and this year, I went back to the British Museum to visit the Mesopotamian and Sumerian collections and here following are some of the pictures I have taken:

Pls, see the British Museum links here on Mesopotamia
here on Babylonia and Assyria.

If you are looking closely at my drawing, you can see how inspired I have been by their drawings, marks, incisions, mythology, history, and depictions of the world.

Here following is a picture from the British Museum of a map of the world!

Map of the World, British Museum
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