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Unit #2 is basically finished and ready to be assessed.

What’s next, with me?

I have a definite plan as in exhibiting my project about the 1976 Friuli earthquake CONSERVATION which I have been working on, and there is also an open call for a local exhibition which I have decided to apply to.

Now, and only now, the most boring and hardest part begins: that part that I am looking for with dread.

looking for galleries, looking for funds, looking for spaces, looking for collaborations, looking for money, looking for things, looking for stuff, sorting my CV, opening a website, getting an insurance, writing an application, writing another application, writing another application, modify an application, fiddling with words, amend, change, compromise.


Everything to do with the making of an artist you want to have heard of.

I am   d r e a d i n g    this moment.

It feels like when I wrote my books and then never looked for a publisher. That is not my job. I am a writer, not a PA. I was a PA, for another artist and collector. I am not good at finding places for me, I am not good at looking for opportunities for me. Part of me, a very strong part of me, does not want to do it. At all. E V E R. I find it complicated, time-consuming, boring, difficult, and that it would take time away from me reading, making, doing, messing about, experimenting, touching, sensing, planning, imagining, writing… that’s what’s important, for me.

But I know things have changed and that I am probably wrong.

And that if I want to ever get anywhere, I need to get my PA hat on and do the rest of the work. That work that really brings in the money and the visibility and the recognition.

And probably separates the crafter from the artist.

So, where do I stand?

Where do I want to stand?

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