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… and this is the end…

College has finished.

I have to admit, that it did in a quiet and underwhelming way which left me disappointed but this is how things go.

I want to thank all the people who supported me at College during these past two years, the ones who came and see my work, and also all of you readers of this blog.

My blogging and artistic experimentation does not end here, of course. So, here are some links for you to follow:

  1. this is my blog on my website: here I am writing about art and The Artist Way: you can check this out and follow me there and that would be lovely! HERE

  2. this is my website: you can see my work and my progression: HERE

  3. this is my Facebook page: why don’t you come and say hi! HERE

  4. this is my latest book on Amazon: now you can find it both in paperback and as an eBook : HERE

In the meantime, before going to University next month (!!!) I will keep on writing, making art, being creative, doing The Artist Way and learning to play the drums.

I shall see you on the other sites, shan’t I?

as usual:

Sending you all good vibes!

onwards + upwards ♡



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