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: again :

As mentioned briefly in another post, I have decided to do another round of The Artist Way, starting from this coming week, MON 14th MAR, which is also Saint Mathilde's Day when we celebrate the queen whom I am named after.

No day could have been better!

Moreover, this round of TAW will take me gently to the end of this last year of university and to the Final Degree Show.

I am also happy to start again because I am going through a period of change and assessment. As in personal assessment. I am trying to work out and define some memories which resurfaced and my automatic reactions and this time I want time to take the... time (!) to explore how I can change this, how I can turn these emotions around, how I can work through them. I am clearer and more aware of what is happening. I am now able to observe and not jump to conclusions. Which is v good! But I am interested also in changing, in allowing change to happen.

This is also the first time I will go through TAW with a renewed faith: I am particularly interested in seeing if there is any change in my approach or another level of understanding I didn't grasp before. Or maybe not, maybe I will find myself too busy with York Open Studios, the clinical supervision course, the Degree and a potential other project I am pursuing with a dear dear friend of mine.

But the weather is getting better, I trust and have faith, and I also know that TAW is a system for me to check in with myself. With all the projects and stuff and changes and people around me, I need a weekly time to sit and ponder and reflect. So, what is better than TAW?

Again: if you don't know what TAW is, you might want to check this very first post I published aeons ago here, and this whole series of posts of previous experiences here where I stopped at week 8 last time, in Sept 2020, when I started university [even better doing another series now that I am at the end!]. And of course, you might want to buy Julia Cameron's book here.

So, all is good!

I am trying to write up an entry at the end of every week, so check next Sunday and I hope I shall see you here!



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