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a gipsy somehow (moved 20 times in 40 years).

or a stud/curious, s/has organized and held lectures and workshops on Gaia, eco/environmentalism, Earth and geophysiology. everything born post-crisis-post adolescentialism (daughter of Italian 68-protesters-by-age but never even slightly touched by the movement, s/has been the one absorbed by the post-grunge new age). [everything very post in her life...] and after having written and published a book (remarkable, in her belief) by the intriguing title of beyond the ninth wave.

a graphomaniac thinker?

a personal assistant (or ex, whatever...)

a waiter, ice cream seller, pop-corn popper?

a psychotherapist / chaplain / mentor?

also, but especially a sunflower pollinator and moles scholar.

lover of earthquakes in their most enthralling and unpredictable dimensions, s/hasn’t yet found a wide enough job description.

s/has also collaborated to the production and selling of posthumous original copies of statues by the father of modern sculpture and catalogued over 3000 books on Ferrari and she would still be able to import an Anodorhynicus hyacinthinus from the States and to drop it safe and sound on your door step, even if it took her over one year of paper work and the gargantuan feathered one has screamed in her car all the way from Milan airport.

she has also taught Biology, earth&natural sciences and astronomy at secondary schools and her students still greet her.

a photographer? in her spare time, but not only. always fascinated by photography (as her father, uncle and sister), s/did many exhibitions. one of her pictures, lovers entwined, can be found in the official catalogue of the international scattidivini exhibition. loving all details and minutiae and seduced by black&white, s/loves choosing themes and subjects where her imagination, mood and temper (i.e. magnesium index) or only by neat casualness allow her to break all the possible rules (a rascal?) and play with the magic of shapes. people say she has got an eye for it.

since moving to uk her hair is growing long again; and not: it's short again: by choice.


now s/he writes and makes art; lots of art.





shooting: s.mary ud avebury newpalm osoppo privano slo sanvito preston lakedistrict bangor preston

exhib: s.giovanni clauiano s.donats perugia firenze faedis palmanova colonos pradamano montecarlo cividale rosazzo


her colleagues describe her as creative, talented, inspirational, passionate, real, honest, brave, expressive, courageous, fascinating, driven, assertive, energetic, direct, bright and v human.



still, she is only a student.

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