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LEGACY was born as a challenge, transformed into an experiment and turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me.  

LEGACY freed me.

I revisited themes I didn't know were dear to me. I understood the importance of memory and what we leave behind and how much we honour the people who taught us wisdom and how to surf through life.

But also, it gave me time and scope to discern what I could leave behind, what to keep, and what to transform as mine.

LEGACY is all of this,

and way way more.

LEGACY allowed me to be me. No, I'm lying: it allowed an unknown Me to express herself. I have been given an unsupervised space with total freedom of action and exploration. I told you, it started as a challenge: do you want to be an artist? Really?! That's the space: go and make something!



LEGACY [dec 2019] is at Victoria Building, 5th floor, Blackburn College, until it will be painted over. 

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