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a thousand names

When they told her that he died, she left.

Faced with the option of living a life without him, she wanted something radically different. So, she sat and waited for Death. And then, there was nothing else for her to do other than to learn to love herself and all her thousand facets in order to find peace. Written in the first person, this story is highly descriptive, strangely captivating, emotionally powerful, symbolic and archetypal, intense and realistic, highly introspective. It could easily take you out of your comfort zone. It is a book about grieving, death and rebirth, transformation and loneliness. If you like self-exploration, water, and mysticism this book is definitely for you.


A word of caution: this book has been written with adults in mind and it explores existential concepts and emotions with regards to death and suicide.


"What an incredible journey! Brilliant and honest descriptions of what is going through in someone's mind while going through the unavoidable process of healing." (M. Smith)


"And then there was the bridge. I barely noticed it when I went to see the house. It was half-standing there: broken, leading to nowhere. Not the vestigia of a mooring. An old stone bridge, its seven grey spans abruptly ceasing in the fog. Narrow, curved. The half twisted back of an old dragon, its caudal abutment hiding among the willows, the worn-out keystones as the neural spine. The bridge ending. The dragon, dead. The only escape, drowned. At the ilium, this dragon is no more. No wings to leave. I own that half-bridge and there it’s where I’ll die." 

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As of today, Sunday 7 June 2020, I started some #guerrilla book sharing: I have left a copy (more to come) in one of the places I have written the book: today it was Heysham!

So, if you find the book, please read it and then pass it on!





More info on the next sharing can be found on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

a thousand names
a thousand names
a thousand names
a thousand names
a thousand names
a thousand names

And this is Chapter 4, read by me!

Chapter 04Matilde Tomat
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